Your ride is steel

It’s all about the almost indescribable feeling that comes from breaking boundaries. And personal records. It gives you the unity of unbreakable strength and ultimate flexibility. It’s unique. It’s an individual. Just like you are. steelworks is the way you ride – built by engineers, made from steel.

Performance that pushes you further

You ride because it moves your body and your soul. So shouldn't your bike be the best way to experience the satisfaction pushing your performance brings? steelworks is peak performance.

It’s extremely stiff in the bottom bracket area, which allows you to put the power down effectively through the pedals. In fact, it’s 50% stronger and stiffer than the competition here. That gives you the confidence to exploit its performance and extract every last bit out of the bike and yourself.

steelworks also provides the exceptional ride quality that only comes from a steel frame. High flexibility in the seat tube means less fatigue and more comfort, allowing you to go harder for longer.

A lot of performance goes into the construction of steelworks. The inbike® technology, an improved half-shell technology from the automotive industry, is used to make each frame a piece of precision engineering. Furthermore, 3D laser welding ensures a quality finish as impressive as the performance steelworks offers.

  • 50% stronger Stiffness and strength where you need it

  • Ride harder for longer Comfort and flexibility

  • inbike® technology Precision manufacturing for ultimate performance

Moving design – even when standing still

steelworks is a unique combination of form and function. So it should come as no surprise that it was given a Red Dot Design Award. Its shape is not just striking, but also aerodynamic, improving handling and performance.

steelworks’ bionic design was created to evoke the image of a dolphin darting through water, with a continuous edge in the middle of the frame, reminiscent of a fin. The shape is also pure liquid metal, flowing through its environment in waves. It’s a bike that moves you, even when standing still.

It’s even more interesting when you look at the details. There are no spots of obvious welds, as steelworks is manufactured with robotic and 3D laser welding with no gaps or unsightly seams. The dropouts and headsets are specially designed with structural fins to withstand enormous forces and maximize stiffness.

That’s the beauty of steel: all these details and more add up to a unique bike that makes as much of an impression when you ride it as it does when you look at it.

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner Daring to be different

  • Bionic industrial design Inspired by the nature of steel

  • Perfection in form and function Functional engineering for a better ride

The feel of steel

Steel feels better to ride. Unlike the straight design of the seat tube in aluminum or carbon bikes, steelworks’ curved seat tube is more elastic and absorbent of road imperfections. This flexibility is in the DNA of steel.

A better ride also means better performance. It allows you to become one with the bike and push yourself harder for longer on the road. It’s an almost indescribable feeling and provides much of the bike’s character.

Stiffness and comfort – two desirable but seemingly incompatible properties come together in steelworks’ frame.


  • Bionic seat tube absorbs the road imperfections

  • Elasticity in its DNA the flexible nature of steel

  • One indescribable ride more comfort for better performance

Safety and a guarantee for life – yours and the bike’s

Fads come and go. steelworks isn’t one of them. We are so confident in the quality of our steel frame that we as the manufacturer provide a lifetime guarantee against fracture. That means you will be able to rely on your steelworks bike as a companion for life if you wish.

All bicycle frames are prone to cracks. Aluminum frames are tubes with relatively low tensile strength and are welded in critical areas by hand. Carbon fiber frames are susceptible to internal material failures that are invisible to the eye. To provide incredible safety and durability, we use, high-strength DP-K® 330Y590T steel in combination with robotic welding and intelligent algorithms to control it. We call this the inbike® technology. On top of that, steel can be repaired, brazed, welded and bonded. That’s the beauty of steel. It’s your ride for as long as you want it to be.

Furthermore, steelworks has all the necessary safety features such as powerful brakes and tires with ideal grip profiles to name just two examples. So you can rely on your bike in just about any conditions.

  • Guaranteed for life The durability of steel

  • Safety and reliability High quality materials to keep you safe on the road

  • inbike® technology Innovation you can feel

Quality never gets old

steelworks is made of the same grade of steel that we use for high-performance and top-quality automotive applications. Its frame and seat post are engineered by thyssenkrupp and 100% manufactured in Germany, including the painting and bike assembly. 
But it’s not just about the material we use. It’s just as important to consider how it’s all put together.

steelworks is made with what we like to call ‘the magic trinity’, which makes up our inbike® technology. It involves using high-strength DP-K® 330Y590T steel, half-shell technology and robotic and 3D welding.

This level of precision and innovation means that we can provide consistent quality in every single bike we create. And we as a manufacturer back that up with a lifetime guarantee against fracture. 

These factors are just part of what makes steelworks so special and takes the concept of the performance bicycle further.

  • High-strength steel DP-K® 330Y590T – strong and durable

  • Half-shell technology Expertly combined for a flawless frame

  • Robotic & 3D laser welding Precise and immaculate manufacturing

Make an impact on the road – not the environment

If need be, steelworks is fully recyclable. However, we’re certain you’ll enjoy many years of rides together before it comes to that point, if at all. And in the meantime, you can be confident that you are riding a bike that is more environmentally friendly in its construction and use of materials than one made of aluminum or carbon fiber. On top of that, steel is easier and more economical to repair, which means your frame will stay on the road for as long as you want it to.

steelworks is your choice for the environment and sustainability.

  • Durable high-strength steel DP-K® 330Y590T

  • Repairable high-strength steel DP-K® 330Y590T

  • Recyclable high-strength steel DP-K® 330Y590T

Ready for your ride?

The choice is yours: steelworks Roadstar or Roadstar X.