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Dear steelworks fan,

Time for something new - that's what Andreas thought when he recently chose the steelworks bike with its fascinating design. We met him on the spot in Krefeld on his favorite route along the Rhine and were able to get some answers from him regarding the steelworks bike.

steelworks: How were the first kilometers on your steelworks bike? Do you enjoy your steel bike?

Andreas: I ride a steel bike for the first time in about 10 years. When I think about it, the question arises, why have I ever ridden another bike? It feels like I belong on this bike.

steelworks: How did you experience the handling of your bike under different road conditions?

Andreas: After the first 300 km on a quiet and comfortable long distance, I easily managed over 50 km/h in sprint tests, so you can pedal quickly. I didn't notice any loss under the different road conditions.

steelworks: Did you experience your steelworks bike as more performance- or comfort-oriented?

Andreas: The bike makes you want more. When I sat on it for the first time, it felt extremely comfortable and natural. Maybe not as comfortable as my armchair, but it is already close.

steelworks: Can you describe a difference between steelworks and your previous bikes?

Andreas: I don't want to be without the bike anymore. It just feels different. It is a great addition for long tours (200+ km). When the weather is nice, I just want to enjoy my bike. Ideal for my comfortable everyday cycling.

steelworks: Have you had any comments on your new steelworks bike?

Andreas: How should I describe it? There were really envious glances from many friends! The decision of not choosing the striking color was exactly right. Now they always say, there comes Andreas on his steel-gray racer. And that's how it is.

Just like Andreas, you can enjoy the steelworks bike too. Simply register for your test ride or configure your bike.

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